How will you plan the perfect wedding in New York City? Metronome and Pinterest!

How will you plan the perfect wedding in New York City? Metronome and Pinterest!

Pinterest and Metronome make your New York City Wedding more inspired!

If you’re like millions of others, you’ve discovered the phenomenon that is Pinterest! This exciting social website allows you to “pin” beautiful items that you find while searching around the internet, adding them to your virtual “pin board” much the same way we used to pin magazine clippings to cork boards what seems like so many years ago. Although you have the ability to pin nearly anything, if you’re like us you have found Pinterest to be a great way to pin ideas for beautiful decor and inspiration for great weddings and private events.

We’re pinning a lot of wonderful and inspired designs and images that have caught our eye, but we’re also taking it a step further. We’ve pinned some beautiful photos of our great New York City wedding and reception locations so that other Pinterest users can discover just how fabulous their Manhattan wedding or private event can be. We’ve got the most spectacular wedding reception locations in New York City, so we don’t mind bragging a little bit.

We’re also spreading the love and showing off some fantastic work from our great vendors, like the wonderful photographers that come to document beautiful Bar Mitzvahs in New York City, wedding receptions in our Manhattan venues, and corporate events in our beautiful locations in NYC. We love how beautiful and visual Pinterest has proven to be, and as a resource for anyone planning a beautiful wedding reception in Manhattan, it’s hard to beat the beauty and simplicity of pinning the things that catch your eye!

Want to join in the fun on Pinterest? Because the website is still in “Beta,” it is still invite-only. If you need a Pinterest invite, let us know and we’ll send one right over! The best way to reach us is by Liking us on Facebook and sending us a message! And if you’re already on Pinterest, be sure to follow us for beautiful and inspirational images from our fantastic wedding reception locations in NYC!

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