Great Moments

Here at Metronome Hospitality Group, we are much more than a collection of beautiful private event venues in Manhattan. We have played host to some of the biggest names in entertainment, from blockbuster movie locations to A-list celebrity photo shoots, awards ceremonies, launch parties and more. From our NYC event space Crimson with a starring role in movies from “Big” to “Something Borrowed,” to the countless private parties and Manhattan wedding receptions that have called Providence home, see how you can make your event spectacular with Metronome. Come play among the stars.

"I have to thank Bob Pereira and Alli Hertz of Crimson. They give a well-run space, they’re helpful and cooperative, and believe me, helpful and cooperation, those are words that don’t always go together, but at Crimson they do."

— Armond White, New York Film Critics Circle Chairman, 2010