Providence History

Providence: The landmark space with a rock star past

Built in the 1920′s, this beautiful location at 311 W. 57th has seen more than its fair share of history. Now the home of Providence NYC, we embrace this connection to the past even as the facilities have been modernized. You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the many famous visitors that have crossed this threshold, and to take in all the stories that Providence NYC has to tell, if only these walls could speak.

It is because of the outstanding history of 311 W. 57th that many people choose Providence NYC as the perfect Manhattan venue for  private parties and corporate functions. Discover the history below, and add your own story to this spectacular space with an event at Providence NYC.

Tour the history of Providence

Discover the rich history of Providence NYC with the timeline below.

Providence as Manhattan Baptist Church

A first glance around Providence, it is no surprise why so many have chosen the
space at 311 W. 57th for their location. The whole space embodies a warm welcome,
from the neo-Gothic entrance to the vaulted ceiling, a hint at its rich and colorful
history. The Manhattan Baptist Church, established at 311 W. 57th in the 1920′s,
enjoyed a four-decade stay in these stone walls. Although the congregation has
moved on to other spaces, the outstanding architecture and acoustics of this
beautiful location have been well-loved by each and every one of its visitors.
Although Providence was still a few decades away at this point, 311 W. 57th still
had a lot of history to create….

Providence as Media Sound Studios

Performers like Jimi Hendrix, Billy Joel, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder,
Frank Sinatra, and Barbra Streisand (to name a few) graced the halls of Providence NYC for a time
while the space was home to Media Sound Studios. The amazing acoustics this space offered can be
heard on many Gold and Platinum albums, as the most important and influential musicians of their
time came to record and produce at 311 W. 57th. Media Sound Studios came to be known as “the place
to make the best-sounding records in the business,” with everyone coming to enjoy the room’s superior acoustics and state-of-the-art technology.

As a tribute to the venue’s extraordinary past, Metronome Hospitality Group commissioned acclaimed
artist collaborative George H. Potter to create interpretations of the classic album covers from the music recorded in this amazing Manhattan venue before Providence came to be.

Feel free to walk through the restaurant to enjoy this permanent installation, along with the original covers of the albums displayed on our walls.
Original hand-pulled silkscreens of this series are available through Naff Gallery.

If these walls could sing!

A selection of the landmak records produced here:


Providence as Le Bar Bat

After Providence’s run as a church and recording studio, it became the quintessential
1990′s NYC hot spot Le Bar Bat. Walls were adorned with many of the same career-
launching albums that were recorded here just a few years before, and live music was
a regular staple of Le Bar Bat. Some of the biggest bands of the time, from DMB to
Blues Traveler to Banyan Trees, Jessica Star, The Monkees, even Ringo Starr and His
All-Starr Band took the stage at Le Bar Bat, entertaining the regularly packed midtown
venue. Le Bar Bat had a dedicated following, with many up-and-coming bands vying
for a spot on the stage. Even today, a number of live performances from Le Bar Bat can
be found on YouTube.

Providence Today

Today, 311 W 57th is home to Providence, one of New York’s most sought after
midtown event venues. Providence is the perfect location for the most beautiful
weddings and wedding receptions, most awesome Mitzvahs, corporate parties,
bachelorette parties and so much more. Metronome Hospitality Group is here to
help schedule, plan and execute the most amazing events here in Manhattan.
This space has an amazing history all its own, and you can add your own bit of
history to 311 W. 57th by holding your next private or corporate event right here
at Providence.

Explore all our amazing NYC event venues (and don’t forget Providence AC in
the Tropicana Atlantic City), and discover why so many choose Metronome’s
spectacular spaces for events of all shapes and sizes.

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